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LSUA Online Students Celebrate Inaugural Induction into Omega Nu Lambda Honor Society

Feb 19, 2024, 15:24 PM
ALEXANDRIA - LSUA's commitment to excellence and inclusivity in online education was on display this past week with the inaugural induction event of the Chi Chapter of Omega Nu Lambda (ONL)...

ALEXANDRIA - LSUA's commitment to excellence and inclusivity in online education was on display this past week with the inaugural induction event of the Chi Chapter of Omega Nu Lambda (ONL), the only national collegiate honor society exclusively dedicated to online students. Led by Amber Weidner, LSUA's Learner Support Coordinator, the induction ceremony welcomed 67 new members into the prestigious society, marking a significant milestone in recognizing the academic achievements of LSUA's 100% online students.

Omega Nu Lambda (ONL) celebrates academic excellence among full-time online students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to their studies. To qualify for membership, students must be enrolled in a 100% online degree program, have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours at LSUA online, and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher. The inaugural class of ONL members comprises students from all five academic colleges at LSUA, representing a diverse array of disciplines and backgrounds.

Amber Weidner, LSUA Learning Support Coordinator, spoke of the new chapter, “I am incredibly proud of our first cohort of ONL students for their unwavering dedication to their studies. Establishing the Chi chapter at LSUA fosters a sense of community and belonging amongst our online student community, while also celebrating the achievements of this diverse group of students.”

Founded with the mission of fostering a supportive community and recognizing the achievements of online learners, Omega Nu Lambda offers a range of benefits to its members, including scholarship opportunities, networking events, and access to resources designed to enhance the online learning experience. By acknowledging the academic accomplishments of online students, ONL aims to create a sense of belonging and camaraderie among members, empowering them to thrive in their educational journey.

With 23 chapters nationwide, Omega Nu Lambda provides a platform for students to connect, collaborate, and succeed. LSUA's Chi Chapter adds to this legacy, reinforcing the university's commitment to serving the diverse needs of its online student community and ensuring their academic success.

Please join us in congratulating the inaugural inductees:

Keisha Alexander-Green, Ashley Bagwell, Blair Batiste, Kenda Bishop, Sandra Blalock, Brody Blanchard, Brittany Young Bordelon, LaQuala Bradley, Zack Breaux, Analise Breckenridge, Courtney Brignac, Hayln Brown, Adam Bruce, Grace Buller, Anna Bullock, Allison Caldarera, Matthew Casas, Megan Conrad, Shelby Courville, Tabitha Davis, Lanessa Dowden, Marcos Duran, Katherine Elkins, Gardenia Evans, Kassie Felder, Shannon Fontenot, Leah Gailor, Heather Gayhart, Jacquelle Goff, Jessica Hanner, JaCoya Hodges, Candis Iglinksy, Traci Jack, Lanita King, Kerri Kiracofe, Lisa Landon, Hailey Larich, Debra Mackey, James Austin Martin, Angela McBride, Emily McGlothlin, Shawn McGlothin, Jennifer Medina, Kelsie Menard, Sneha Padumane, Cynthia Palmisano, Jennifer Pena, Mallory Rikard, Lea Robinson, Jessica Rodrigue, Stephanie Rollins, Omega Roston, Chalanda Samec, Lauren Sexton, James Simeon, Jeniffer Spindel, Jaunita Stutes, Banojir Sultana, Alexis Thomas, Desiree Toth, Chana Turner, Eric Wallis, Malysa Weaver, Tara Wilber, Patrick Wisor, Amber Yglesias, and Amy York.


Written by Adam Lord

Image credit - LSUA Strategic Communications