Writing Contest Winners Announced

Apr 11, 2019, 11:55 AM
Winners and other submissions to be published in the "Jongleur"
Faculty members from the LSUA English department held an award ceremony on Wednesday, April 10 to celebrate student winners of the LSUA Art and Writing Contest. During the luncheon and ceremony, students were recognized among their peers for their creative work. All winners of the contest will be published in the Jongleur, in addition to other submissions.

Each year, students may submit original pieces in the categories of fiction, poetry, essay, and art for judging. The judges panel includes LSUA students and faculty members. In each section, awards are given for first, second, and third place as well as an honorable mention selection.

The Jongleur will be available the last week of class, both in digital and hard copy forms. See below for a full list of winners.

1st Place: “Echoes of the Vale: Nora Miles” Zach Walleser
2nd Place: “Book #9: Unfinished” Kennis Gremillion
3rd Place: An Excerpt from “The Reality Games” Ben Gremillion
Honorable Mention: “White Flowers” Kennis Gremillion

1st Place: “Crusade” Kennis Gremillion
2nd Place: “No.6” Carli Alyece Smith
3rd Place: “Eulogy for Olympus” Matthew Force
Honorable Mention: “We are the Dreamers” Kennis Gremillion

1st Place: “Frankenstein’s Monster from Mary Shelley’s Novel to the Modern Film Interpretations” Ben Sanson
2nd Place: “An Analysis of the Characters of Zeke and Jimmy in Randall Kenan’s A Visitation of Spirits” Ben Sanson
3rd Place: “The Psychological Horror of Edgar Allan Poe” Ben Sanson
Honorable Mention: “Coveted Passions: Revelations of Freedom in Oppressed Artists” Zach Walleser

1st Place: “Eden” Alexa Chambley
2nd Place: “…And The Tiger Poster” Alexa Chambley
3rd Place: “Yellow Tree” Emily Sanders
Honorable Mention: “Grey Flowers” Jonanthan Stanford