LSUA Campus Construction Progress

Construction Safety Tips

Please use caution when moving across campus while construction is ongoing and do not hesitate to call campus police for needs and information. While moving around on campus, please remember to:

Natural Gas

If you smell gas call Facility Services at 318-473-6475 or University Police at 318-473-6427. 

LSU at Alexandria owns and operates a natural gas distribution system. The purpose of the gas system is to provide a reliable and sage economical source of energy for heating purposes to the buildings adjacent to the underground gas pipelines. The pipeline system has the capacity to reliably deliver natural gas to the customer.

The hazards of natural gas are that it is odorless, tasteless, and lighter than air and can ignite and/or explode with a tremendous force when mixed with the right amount of air. Prevention measures taken include adding odorant to the gas to give it that distinctive smell, similar to rotten eggs, to warn us of its presence, testing the odorant level each calendar quarter and performing annual gas leaking surveys. Anyone who may smell this odor or notice any unusual conditions on or near gas mains, vents, service lines, meter sets, or especially inside a building should call the Facility Services Department at 318-473-6475, immediately. 

If you smell a strong gas odor inside a building, notify everyone in the building to leave. Do not operate any switches or use the phone. Go a safe distance away upwind of the gas smell and called the Facility Services Department. With any gas leak protect life first then notify the Facility Services Department.

State and Federal laws require excavators to notify the state LA One-Call Center 48 hours before digging. To obtain any information concerning the pipeline location call LSU at Alexandria's Facility Services Department. If any excavation is planned you must notify the LA One-Call Center which will notify the Facility Services Department to locate any gas lines. Call 48 hours before digging.

Personnel should report gas leaks or other gas related information to the Facility Services Department at 318-473-6475 or University Police at 318-473-6427. The LA One-Call number is 811 or 1-800-272-3020. This information is provided as a public awareness notice.