LSUA Office of Civil Rights Compliance & Access


Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Office of Civil Rights Compliance & Access is to advance accountability, provide leadership, and deliver support for embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion in an accessible manner across all academic and administrative units. Civil Rights Compliance & Access advocates for social justice across the university while combating bias and discrimination of any form.   

Core Values: 

Our commitment to social justice drives our efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion across the university through shared responsibility.    


Advocate for institutional accountability based on principles of fairness, solidarity, and understanding the value of all campus community members. 

Create a culturally inclusive campus climate through a dialogical approach, enabling collaboration within and beyond the institution to realize shared goals. 

Holistic approach to student success and employee satisfaction by continuously reviewing and evaluating perceptions of the university and providing leadership initiatives, experiential learning opportunities, and  professional development. 

Inclusive excellence guides our work to close achievement gaps and promote the expansion of equitable access to resources necessary for optimal success. 

Equity in education and the workplace is fundamental to decision-making and essential to strategies that mitigate barriers that prevent students, faculty, and staff from receiving the support they need to thrive and perform their personal best. 

Value experiences, beliefs, and perspectives different from our own by inviting the campus community to engage in open-ended conversations centered around cultural humility, self-reflection, and acknowledgment of all who have made contributions to society.

Empower the institution to function more effectively by collaborating to launch intentional strategies for the recruitment and retention of a more diverse student, faculty, and staff population and workforce. 




*For EEOC questions, contact:

Lynette Burlew

Connie Cooper

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For Assistance
Call: (318) 473-6558 Visit: Mulder 326 Email: Diversity Report Card