Required Regalia

For those earning a Bachelor's or Associate's degree, a purple gown, mortarboard, and tassel are worn. 

If you have any questions regarding regalia, please contact the LSUA Bookstore at or (318) 473-6420

Regalia Extras and Exceptions

Commencement is a celebration! We invite our degree candidates to decorate the top of their mortarboard (graduation cap), but ask that they respect the dignity of this occasion and be considerate of accepted university standards regarding appropriate content, as outlined below. 

Stoles and Cords

Louisiana State University of Alexandria strives to recognize and celebrate our candidates' unique academic and co-curricular accomplishments. These include induction into university-recognized honor societies, involvement in academic organizations, and/or association with university-recognized groups or programs. 

In addition to the traditional cap and gown regalia worn at this event, we invite our degree candidates to wear stoles and cords at commencement to symbolize these associations in accordance with accepted university standards regarding appropriate content, as outlined below. The university-recognized student/organization/group or the student is responsible for the cost of any additional regalia. The student is responsible for obtaining the regalia if he or she wishes to wear it during the commencement ceremony. 

University staff reserve the right to confiscate any and all inappropriate materials. Examples of inappropriate content include intimidating or profane language and/or visual materials that insinuate drugs, alcohol, or discrimination or harassment of anyone or group. Students unwilling to comply with these guidelines may not participate in the commencement ceremony.