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The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies provides students the opportunity to acquire both a broad understanding of the principles of human communication and the practical skills necessary for effective oral and written communication. Students may choose a concentration from the following options:

Career Paths for Graduates of Communication Studies:

Students pursue diverse paths that include graduate/professional school as well as exciting careers.  Our students work in public relations, multimedia studies such as broadcasting, education, law, non-profit work and corporate communications.  This degree offers a variety of hands-on, practical learning opportunities, including broadcast practicums and internships with local businesses. In addition, the Human Relationships concentration is offered in the 100% online format.

Department News

LSUA Graduate to Begin Work at CENLA Homeless Coalition

May 12, 2020, 16:46 PM
Sydney Victorian excited to give back to community.

As many college graduates are struggling to find jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one Louisiana State University of Alexandria student is already joining the Central Louisiana workforce in hopes to make a difference.

Sydney Victorian, a Bolton High School graduate and Spring 2020 graduate of LSUA, will begin her career in social work on Wednesday with the CENLA Homeless Coalition. As a program coordinator, she will work to help the homeless population in Alexandria get off the streets and find places to bathe, dress, eat, etc.

“I’m really looking forward to serving my community,” Victorian said. “I always knew I wanted to do some type of social work and help people. I actually volunteered at the Homeless Coalition during high school and knew it was something I could see myself doing.”

Sydney has consistently maintained her position that her calling is service, including one brief major change to nursing during her college coursework. Influenced by her mother, Donna Stiles, who is a registered nurse at the Veteran’s Affairs hospital in Alexandria and an LSUA nursing alumna, Sydney considered following in her mother’s footsteps.

“I thought since my mom was a nurse that maybe I should do that too. I quickly realized that wasn’t for me. I changed my major back to social work and am so glad I did. I know that I can really make a difference with people in our community right now who are greatly suffering from the pandemic we are in.” Victorian said.

Sydney was glad she did choose to follow her mother’s path and attend LSUA. Knowing how what a great experience her mom had while earning her nursing degree, Sydney knew that LSUA would be a perfect fit.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The campus environment was great. I was comfortable. I’m definitely glad I stayed local,” Sydney said.

When asked about not being able to participate in a graduation ceremony, Victorian quickly stated that it wasn’t what she had hoped for, but the only thing she can do is take life as it comes and roll with it.

Her mother, on the other hand, was disappointed she won’t get to see her daughter walk across the stage.

“She (Sydney) worked so hard to earn her diploma and used walking across the stage as a driving motivation,” Donna said. “However, being a healthcare provider myself, I understand the importance of the decision made. She gets her diploma and immediately gets to start a new job, so I’m extremely proud of her and grateful to LSUA for the experience provided to all of us.”

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