Degree Programs and Concentrations

Bachelor of General Studies in Africana Studies

The Online Africana Studies program is an interdisciplinary program that includes courses in the fields of African American Studies, African Diaspora, and African Studies.  The courses provide a broad general education with a diverse humanities and arts curriculum that focuses on the historical and contemporary experiences of African and African Diaspora.   The courses provide opportunities to study history, culture, philosophy, race, literature, politics, music, and film while focusing on Black Africana experience.  The Bachelor of General Studies with the concentration on Africana Studies also includes two enrichment areas that give a student the opportunity to expand their educational perspectives.  Students who major in Africana Studies continue in graduate school, or go on to professional careers in government, health care, research, public policy, human resources, sales, or teaching.  Students of Africana Studies strengthen skills in writing, research, and critical thinking.

About the Program

Department: English, History, & Humanities

Degree: Bachelor of General Studies in Africana Studies

Credits for Degree: 120

LSUA Align

Delivery Methods:
This program is offered on-campus and 100% online.

Possible Careers

Diversity officer
Public service
Community Organizer
Graduate school