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Bachelor of Arts in History

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in History degree can customize their academic path by choosing a concentration in either United States or non-United States history. Historical study promotes well-rounded intellectual development because every field of knowledge has a history with which the student of history becomes familiar. The study of history also leads a student to acquire skills that can be applied in a variety of careers. History majors learn to express ideas and concepts precisely, analyze information logically, trace the roots of an issue, and thing about information from many different perspectives. 

About the Program

Department: History, Political Science, & Disaster Science

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in History

Credits for Degree: 120


  • Clio Society

Possible Careers

  • Education: university, secondary, elementary
  • Geographer or archaeologist
  • Librarian or archivist
  • Continue education: law school or graduate school

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