Engineering Foundations Program

The Engineering Foundations program is for students who wish to pursue pre-engineering studies at LSUA before transferring to an engineering school to complete their degree. Students will take the following transferrable pre-engineering courses at LSUA:

Students in the Engineering Foundations program may receive a 60-credit hour Associate of Science before transferring to an engineering school.  Depending on the discipline of engineering, it’s possible to take even more courses at LSUA that will transfer.  For example, those interested in Chemical Engineering may transfer LSUA’s General Chemistry I-II and Organic Chemistry I-II into their engineering degree.  For students not ready for calculus, LSUA offers the prerequisite College Algebra and Trigonometry courses in the summer, fall, and spring.  Many of LSUA’s students go on to complete engineering degrees at Louisiana Tech University, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and LSU.

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