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The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies provides students the opportunity to acquire both a broad understanding of the principles of human communication and the practical skills necessary for effective oral and written communication. Students may choose a concentration from the following options:

Career Paths for Graduates of Communication Studies:

Students pursue diverse paths that include graduate/professional school as well as exciting careers.  Our students work in public relations, multimedia studies such as broadcasting, education, law, non-profit work and corporate communications.  This degree offers a variety of hands-on, practical learning opportunities, including broadcast practicums and internships with local businesses. In addition, the Human Relationships concentration is offered in the 100% online format.

Department News

Jongleur Staff Announces Winners of 2020 Writing Contest

May 5, 2020, 10:15 AM
This year's magazine to be published soon.

The staff of the Jongleur has released the winners of the “The LSUA Art and Writing Contest” and is publishing the 2020 issue soon.

The Jongleur, the LSUA campus student literary magazine that has been around for 44 years, was created for the benefit of LSUA supporters, faculty, students, and staff and is an annual publication of student work.  The “LSUA Art and Writing Contest” is judged, formatted, edited, and produced in the Jongleur by a student staff with the assistance of two faculty members.

For four years, the staff of the Jongleur has held “The LSUA Art and Writing Contest” to give students a platform, encouragement, and reward for artistic and academic endeavors, in addition to securing submissions to the journal. There are four categories to which students submit work: art, fiction, essay, and poetry.  In the 2019-20 school year, over 90 LSUA students submitted 317 pages worth of work, the most ever! LSUA students are creative and productive.  The Jongleur has enhanced the campus community by enriching its intellectual environment and has become a distinctive voice for its talented and hard-working students.

Due to the international coronavirus pandemic, this year’s contest and issue is especially significant and poignant, considering that the staff of the Jongleur has been working from home to judge and complete the contest and journal through emails and Zoom meetings. What is surprising to all of us is that the students have been extremely productive and have enjoyed the virtual process. This year’s journal will be the best yet! This year is also important for the contest and journal because the Jongleur became a course this semester (English 3006), so students will be getting academic credit for their work.

The staff of the Jongleur and Judges of the Contest this year were: Morgan Primeaux, Victoria Bloodworth, Cailey Scadlock, and Laura Campbell. The faculty advisors were: Bernard Gallagher and Eric Alai.

There were four categories for judging, and each winner receives a certificate and cash awards donated by the AE&H faculty. The winners are as follows:


1st Place: “Buttermilk Swimming Hole”—Morgan Primeaux

2nd Place: “The Deer”—Joshua Romero

3rd Place: “Better Off Dead”—Trenece Robertson

Honorable Mention: “Pilar’s Dollar”—Joseph Kutch

Honorable Mention: “What Do You Need Right Now”—Jodee Spencer


1st Place: “The Band Played On”—Kennis Gremillion Jobe

2nd Place: “Conduit”—Morgan Primeaux

3rd Place: “Poetry Graveyard”—Morgan Primeaux

Honorable Mention: “I Hope You Never Ask for Creamer”—Trenece Robertson

Honorable Mention: “Siren’s Ballad”—Laura Campbell


1st Place: “To Be a Woman”—Victoria Rice

2nd Place: “‘A Rose for Emily”: An Eternal Quest to Find Love”—Samantha Ray

3rd Place: “A Juxtaposition of Tennessee Williams’ Protagonists”—Tiffanie Brown

Honorable Mention: “Vigilantism: A Result of Failed Justice and Fear”—Samantha Ray

Honorable Mention: “Finding My Strength”—Mary Gustin


1st Place: “Hometown”—Xinyi Huang

2nd Place: “Creation”—Kamryn Colson

3rd Place: “Stan Lee Portrait”—Emily Sanders

Honorable Mention: “Under the Oak”—Alvaro Jenkins

Honorable Mention: “Simmesport Bridge”—Jessica Schroeder

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