Retention of Records

Record TypeRetention guideline
Academic advisement records 2 year after graduation
Academic warning (related to academic non-performance or deficiency) 5 years after graduation
Academic dismissal 5 years after graduation
Academic integrity violation Permanent
Academic records (miscellaneous narrative evaluations, assessments, etc.) Permanent
Appeals for exception to academic policy 4 years 
Athlete eligibility reports 1 year after certification 
Athlete records (includes eligibility information, academic information,
documentation of participation, tutor evaluations, etc.
10 years 
Catalogs Permanent 
Class lists Permanent 
Commencement programs Permanent 
Correspondence (related to academic records, inquiries) 1 year
Credit/no credit, audit, pass/no pass approval 1 year after date submitted
Degree audits 5 years after graduation 
Disciplinary Action Records 5 years after graduation
Drop/add/requests 1 year after date submitted 
Enrollment verifications 1 year after verification 
Faculty grade book 5 years after course completion 
Final exams/graded coursework 1 year after course completion 
Final grade reports 1 year after date distributed 
Final Grade submission data Permanent 
Grade appeal/complaint 1 year 
Grade change forms 5 years after graduation 
Graduation lists Permanent 
Grievance/complaint issued by student (other than FERPA or grade appeals) 3 years after closure
Instruction evaluations (by students) 1 semester 
Major/minor/certificate/concentration changes 5 years after graduation
Midterm grade reports End of term
Name change request 5 years after graduation 
Personal data update (race, ethnicity or other demographic) 1 year after graduation 
Residency verification records 6 years after submission
Returned diplomas 5 years 
Student class schedule 1 year after graduation 
Substitution/waivers for degree requirements 5 years after graduation 
Teacher certifications 1 year after certification
Thesis/Dissertation Permanent 
Transcript requests (by student) 1 year after submitted
Transfer credit evaluations5 years after graduation
Tuition and fee charges5 years after graduation
VA certification records3 years after graduation
Withdraw requests 5 years after graduation