LSUA and CLTCC Sign Two New Partnerships

by Sarah Black | Apr 21, 2017
CLTCC and LSUA continue to work together for the benefit of students in central Louisiana and beyond.

Louisiana State University at Alexandria and the Central Louisiana Technical Community College are excited to announce two new partnerships between the institutions.

The first agreement establishes a transferable pathway for CLTCC students to become eligible for direct admission into several LSUA programs of study. Students will receive a transparent and systematic outline for successfully completing a baccalaureate degree from LSUA in Psychology, History, or History with a minor in Education using earned general education credits from CLTCC.

Students must complete at least 12 credit hours at CLTCC before transferring to LSUA, however, they may transfer up to 60 hours. The additional credits needed to reach the 120 hours required to complete a bachelor’s degree must be successfully completed at LSUA.

A separate agreement between the two schools allows for students to be enrolled concurrently at both institutions. This agreement allows students to take specific courses at a host institution and earn credit toward his/her degree at the home institution.

With this option, students may take needed classes that are not being offered at their home institution during the concurrent semester, but are available at the host institution.

Additionally, this agreement extends regular student status to those who take pre-approved coursework at an institution outside their home institution. This allows for tuition from the host institution to be covered by any applicable financial aid.

“We are pleased to offer these agreements between LSUA and CLTCC as they benefit not only the students and institutions, but central Louisiana as a whole,” said LSUA Chancellor Guiyou Huang. “By offering more ways for students to earn a degree, students can finish faster and enter the workforce allowing for better economic development throughout the region.”

“This new partnership with LSUA is about putting students first,” said CLTCC Chancellor Jimmy Sawtelle. “It places Cenla students in the driver’s seat because when you enroll in a community college and four-year university simultaneously, you have more options. We are grateful to Chancellor Huang and his team for their continued and growing partnership.”

Both agreements go into effect immediately. 

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