LSUA Announces Enrollment Increase for Spring 2017

by Sarah Black | Feb 06, 2017
LSUA continues to see enrollment growth across all student categories.

LSU of Alexandria is excited to announce its largest spring enrollment since 2004.

This semester, a record 2,982 students are taking classes at LSUA. This represents a 6.8 percent increase over the Spring 2016 semester.

Additionally, the university has experienced an increase in enrollment across all major student categories including first-time freshmen, re-entry students, transfer students, dual enrollment students and those who are continuing from the previous semester.

This semester, LSUA has enrolled 132 first-time freshmen, which represents an 8.2 percent increase from Spring 2016. The largest increase from the previous spring semester is re-entry students with a gain of 39.6 percent. Additional improvements include a 9.9 percent increase in transfer students and a 2.1 percent increase in continuing students.

In response to the increase in enrollment, LSUA is also experiencing its second highest spring credit hour production. Currently, students are taking 30,667 credit hours.

The university also continues to become more diverse with the highest spring enrollment of minority students at 965 students and the largest spring enrollment of students from outside the state of Louisiana. Currently, there are 179 out-of-state students enrolled at LSUA, including a spring record 89 international students representing 26 foreign countries.

“The spring enrollment numbers are a wonderful testament to the hard work of the Department of Admissions as well as the entire faculty and staff,” says Dr. Guiyou Huang, LSUA chancellor. “We are very excited about the direction of the university and will continue to look for ways to grow enrollment.”

LSUA’s reach also continues to grow as the Spring 2017 semester includes the largest number of students taking 100 percent online courses with 248 students enrolled. Additionally, the university continues to prioritize partnerships with high schools with a record 611 students participating in spring dual-enrollment.

LSUA reports enrollment on the 14th day of the semester. 

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