Move-in Directions

1—Arrive on campus.

  • Follow the move-in guide below for the best way to get to your hall. When you arrive, go inside the Clubhouse (Activity Center 5000) to begin your move-in process. While you check in, family will unload the car onto the grass and then go park. This allows more people to get in close to the hall and not carry things as far. One person must be with the vehicle at all times while it unloads.

2—Get your room key.

  • Check-in will consist of several stations, such as receiving your room key and student policies. Paperwork includes housing application, unit condition form, roommate agreement and other important information.

3—Complete the Unit Condition Form.

  • An important part of check-in will be the Unit Condition Form. Take this form to your room and make notes regarding any damages or wear and tear you see in the room/unit. When you check out in May, this form will be used to compare the condition of your room/unit to August, before you moved in. Any damages not previously noted on the form will be billed to your student account when you leave.

Directions to Campus

Campus traffic is routed differently for move in. Please refer to the appropriate move-in map.


Louisiana State University of Alexandria students and parents can park in any student space in lots designated at the Oaks Residence Hall during move-in weeks. Cars in employee, reserved and handicapped (unless a permit is displayed) spaces will be ticketed, as well as vehicles on sidewalks and the grass. Thirty-minute loading areas in front of the residence halls will also be enforced.

Dining Center

The dining centers will open Friday, Aug. 20, with new student early arrivals. Free meal passes are provided for families helping their student move in. It’s a great way to see all the options for students and not have to move the car once it’s parked!

Carts and Dollies

Unfortunately, we don’t provide carts or dollies. Families can bring their own carts and dollies to move boxes and belongings in their students units.


Move-in brings a lot of cardboard and Styrofoam. Large dumpsters are outside the clubhouse where you can drop off your cardboard/Trash. Please remove Styrofoam and break down the boxes. There are large bags staked next to the dumpster for the Styrofoam.

Move-in Tips

Additional ideas to consider that will make your move in easier are cutting handles in boxes for easy carrying, and bringing a dolly. We also recommend bringing a few basic cleaning supplies. They come in handy for a quick sprucing up and keeping the room clean during the year.

General Volunteer

Volunteers called General Buddies are there to assist with move in on the two main move-in days. They will help unload cars and carry belongings to your unit.


Mail will begin to be delivered to the residence halls the first day of move in.

Addresses should be written in the following format:

First Name Last Name

The Oaks Residence Hall

8223 Acorn Dr. Room #__

Alexandria, LA 71302

Hall Postings

Please take time to look at the information posted in the halls. This will include information about policies and campus services, as well as information about campus and hall events happening the first week.


Helpful Links



Contact Housing

8223 Acorn Drive
Alexandria, LA 71302

Phone: (318) 767-2616
Snapchat: @lsuareslife

Summer 2019 Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Campus Address:
8100 Hwy 71 South
Alexandria, LA 71302


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