Frequently Asked Questions

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Room Specifics and Amenities

How does cable work in the residence halls?
What amenities are offered?
Is there trash pick-up?
Is someone on staff for maintenance issues? And who?
What can I bring/not bring to campus?
How does laundry work?
Is there WiFi in residence halls?
Do I have access to a printer?
What are the dimensions of my room?
There's a problem with my room. What should I do?
What kind of cleaning services are provided in campus housing facilities?

Beds & Lofts

What size are the mattresses?
Are bed lines provided?
Can I loft my bed?
Can I build my own loft?
What if I decide later I don't want to loft my bed?
Do I need a lofting kit if my roommate and I have bunked beds?

Decorations & Furnishings

What furnishings are provided and can I bring my own?
What do I use to hang my pictures on the wall?
Am I allowed to decorate my room?
Can I paint my room?
Can I use a rug or install carpet in my room?
Do I need to bring my own furniture?
Are shower curtains provided?
Are blinds or curtains provided?
What can I bring/not bring to campus?
What are the dimensions of my room?

Heating & Cooling

Which housing facilities are air conditioned?
How does air conditioning/heating work on-campus?

Keys & ID Card Access

I'm locked out of my room. What should I do?
I lost my room key. What should I do?
My roommate lost their key. Will I be charged for a lock change?

Mail & Packages

How do students receive mail on campus?
When can I send things before I move to campus?
Will the campus post office be open so I can pick-up packages on move-in day?

Move-In & Move-Out

When can I send things before I move to campus?
When do students move-out in the Winter?
Are there staff available to assist with loading/unloading?


Can I bring a vehicle to campus?
Do I need to register my vehicle?
How much does it cost to register my vehicle?

Policies & Procedures

Do I pay for electricity and how much?
What if I don't know enough roommates to fill an apartment?
May I have friends spend the night?
Am I responsible for my roommates rent?
Can I have alcohol?
Are there curfews?
How do I keep people out of my stuff?
To whom do I pay rent?
In case of emergency, who can I reach?
Can I live off-campus and commute?
Can I have guests say with me on-campus?

Safety & Security

How do I keep people out of my stuff?
In case of emergency, who can I reach?
How do I sign up for emergency notifications?
What fire safety precautions are in place in campus housing?
Do I need to purchase insurance for my belongings?
Is there a campus safety escort program?


Is storage available for students?
Can I store my things over the summer in the room I will be living in next fall?
Can I store items during a Leave of Absence or Medical Leave of Absence?

Residential Life

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