Assistance Animal Registration Form

Click the link below to review the Assistance Animal Policy.

Assistance Animal Policy

(Type of animal, size, color, age)

Emergency Contact Information for Animal (If student is unavailable)

This person should be familiar with your animal. This person must be able to come to campus to remove your animal if you are unable to care for your animal in a personal emergency situation. This person is not allowed to stay in your housing space without you to care for the animal. They must be able to transport the animal to an off-campus location. 

Acknowledgement and Release of Information Consent Form

By typing my name below, I verify that I have read, understand and will abide by the requirements outlined here and I agree to provide the information required to complete my request for a Reasonable Accommodation under the College’s Assistance Animal Policy and Procedures. 

I have read and understand the Assistance Animal Policy and Procedures, and the Responsibilities and Expectations of Assistance Animal Owners, and I agree to abide by the requirements. I understand that if I fail to meet the requirements set forth in the Policy and Procedures, LSUA has the right to remove the Assistance Animal. I understand I may also be subject to action under the Student Code of Conduct for failure to comply, and I will nonetheless be required to fulfill my housing, academic, and all other obligations for the remainder of the housing contract. I furthermore give permission to the office of Disability Services and Residential Life to disclose to others impacted by the presence of my Assistance Animal (e.g., Residential Life staff, potential and/or actual roommate(s)/neighbor(s)) that I will be living with an animal as an accommodation. I understand that this information will be shared with the intent of preparing for the presence of the AA and/or resolving any potential issues associated with the presence of the AA. 

I further recognize that the presence of the AA may be noticed by others visiting or residing in Student Housing and agree that staff may acknowledge the presence of the animal, and explain that under certain circumstances Assistance Animals are permitted for persons with disabilities.