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College of Health & Human Services

The College of Health and Human Services provides an innovative academic environment for students interested in improving the lives and health of individuals throughout the world. CHHS faculty enhance student learning by connecting classroom instruction with service learning, field experiences, and community outreach efforts. As a result, students complete a rigorous interdisciplinary program of study and master valuable professional skills. As a result, our students are well prepared to launch their careers or pursue additional graduate training and deliver exceptional health and human services.

Potential Careers
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Phlebotomist
  • ECG Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Radiologic Technologist
  • Cardiovascular Technologist
  • Long-Term Care Administrator
  • Elementary and Secondary Educator
  • and so much more!


CHHS will be among the colleges of choice in Louisiana known for academic excellence and for preparing leaders, professionals, educators and scholars through teaching, research and service, to improve the health and welfare of persons and communities in local, state, national, and global settings.

Faculty and staff in the College of Health and Human Services are dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals as they pursue careers in health and human services.  

Mission Statement

As a College within the only state-supported undergraduate university in Louisiana the mission of the College of Health and Human Services is to provide a professionally oriented education at the undergraduate level in specialized disciplines that serve the needs of students, as well as the needs of residents, school systems, and health and human service providers at the local, state, and national levels.

Message from the Dean

Here in the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS), we take great pride in the work of our faculty, staff, and students, our nationally accredited academic programs and our ability to meet the needs of the LSUA service area. In an ever changing health and human services environment, leaders in health and human services are needed now more than ever, and our students are here to answer that call. 

Many of our current students in the CHHS are from the central region of Louisiana, and after graduating, go on to work in the region, either back in their hometowns or somewhere close by. These are alumni who continue to contribute to the regional economy, and have gone on to make significant impacts across the state and nation in their chosen fields. 

Our students are future nurses, pharmacy technicians, phlebotomists, ECG technicians, medical laboratory technicians, medical laboratory scientists, radiologic technologists, cardiovascular technologists, long term care administrators, elementary and secondary educators, and so much more. Providing cutting-edge learning opportunities for students is our main priority and our talented faculty is at the forefront of that mission. Through their coursework and research, our faculty incorporate high-impact practices and innovative instruction needed to promote each of our nationally accredited academic programs. 

In addition to our majors, our wide variety of on-campus labs and off-campus sites located at our clinical affiliates, are ideal spaces for hands-on training and clinical learning, which is beneficial for our many students who go on to pursue internships in their field. Collaboration with our many clinical affiliates is an important aspect in our college because by working together, we learn from each other and are better able to prepare our students for their desired future.

To our students, I encourage you to stay connected via social media and student organizations. I also encourage you to stay engaged with our faculty and staff. We look forward to hearing from you and following your LSUA journey. 

Best wishes,

Haywood B. Joiner, Jr., Ed.D., MLS(ASCP)      Dean, College of Health and Human Services




LSUA Dr. Nathan Ponder

Haywood Joiner, Ph.D.
College Dean 

Dr. Haywood Joiner has served as Chair of Allied Health since 2005 and has held various other roles during his time at LSUA. These include Interim appointments as Chair of Business Administration, Chair of Education, Chair of Nursing, and in 2016 a stint as Chancellor of LSUA. He has served on numerous boards in Central Louisiana and held a number of leadership positions. Dr. Joiner was a 2019 inductee in the Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame.

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LSUA -- A True Family Affair

May 19, 2020, 11:49 AM
Elaine Smith and son, Khalil, enjoy time together at LSUA

The Louisiana State University of Alexandria is often recognized for its “family” atmosphere. For one graduate and her son, the attribute takes on a whole different meaning.

Elaine Smith and her son, Khalil, attended LSUA together this past year. Elaine is graduating this month with an Associate of Science in Nursing and Khalil just finished his freshmen year. He is currently enrolled in the chemistry degree program and hopes to become a doctor.

The medically-minded family knew that LSUA was a perfect fit for them.

While previously living in the Midwest several years ago, Elaine had enrolled in another nursing degree program. Not feeling very welcomed, she did not continue. Fast forward several years to the family’s move to Pineville, Elaine decided to try one more time and enrolled in the LSUA Department of Nursing ASN program to become an RN. It was an immediate fit.

“It was such a welcoming environment. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I knew that achieving my degree was doable at LSUA,” said Elaine.

Pleased with her choice, she recruited her son, Khalil, to also enroll in LSUA for his freshman year.

“I convinced him it (LSUA) is a great school and it would be a perfect fit for him too. I witnessed first-hand just how awesome this school is and knew he would feel the same, especially since he didn’t want to go far from home,” Elaine continued.

Khalil, in fact, enrolled and has already found his niche in the chemistry degree program under the auspices of Dr. Gerard Dumancas, Associate Professor of Chemistry at LSUA.

Despite the fact that Khalil was just a freshman, Dumancas encouraged him to participate in this year’s annual Scholar Day event which highlights student research. Through Dumancas’ mentorship, Khalil was able to complete his research amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It was a challenge for him (Khalil) to finish during the pandemic. He had the option of not continuing, but Dr. Dumancas really encouraged him to stay the course since he had already done so much work on the project. I’m so proud of Khalil for his work and appreciative of Dr. Dumancas for bringing out the best in my son,” said Elaine.

With the school-year finally over, Elaine and Khalil intend on continuing to spend quality time together and with the rest of their family before Elaine begins work in September.

“I’ll never regret my decision to attend LSUA. It has been a true family affair.”



Additional Resources

If you would like to know more about the College of Health & Human Services, please give us a call at 318-473-6466 or drop by and see us in Coughlin Hall 101C.