Records Office

We place students at the heart of what we do. We are service professionals committed to providing a culture of excellence by helping our students meet their academic and professional goals. Our primary customers are current students, closely followed by alumni, prospective students, faculty, staff, administrators, the community of Alexandria, and the public we serve.

We promise to treat our customers with dignity, respect, and courtesy. The Records Office will make every effort to respond to customers in a timely, efficient and responsible manner.  Every effort will be made to provide quality services that are efficient and student centered. We will continually strive to improve our services and provide a satisfying experience for customers.


  • Registration (Add or Drop)
  • Academic Transcript Requests
  • Degree Audits
  • Attendance Reporting 
  • Withdrawals/Resignations
  • Academic Appeals (suspension, probation)
  • Enrollment and Degree Verifications 
  • Class Schedules 
  • Enrollment Reporting 
  • Sports Eligibility 
  • Degree Awards 
  • Degree/Curriculum Changes 
  • Transfer Credit Evaluations


  • Stephanie Cage ,
    Office: Oakland 107
    Phone: 473-6424
    Department: Records Office
  • Sandra Dufour,
    Administrative Program Specialist
    Office: Oakland 105
    Phone: 473-6411
    Department: Records Office
  • Beverly Reed ,
    Administrative Coordinator IV
    Office: Oakland 103
    Phone: 619-2961
    Department: Records Office
  • Sadie Phillips ,
    Administrative Coordinator IV
    Office: Oakland 102
    Phone: 473-6541
    Department: Records Office
  • Sheila Hudson,
    Assistant Registrar
    Office: Oakland 107A
    Phone: 473-6412
    Department: Records Office
  • Laura Fowler,
    Administrative Coordinator IV
    Office: Oakland 104
    Phone: 473-6406
    Department: Records Office