Steps To Honors


  1. To become an honors student, complete and submit an Honors Application to the Honors Program Director.
  2. Before a student may submit a contract for a course, he or she must have previously applied for and been accepted to the honors program.
  3. An eligible student should approach his or her course instructor beginning during preregistration through census day of the semester he or she wants to contract a course to discuss possibilities for the contract work.
  4. The student should fill out the Start of Semester Approval form, with the direction and approval of the course instructor. Submit the Start of Semester Approval form, the regular course syllabus, and the Attributes and Criteria form to the appropriate department chair, who, once he or she approves the contract, will return the contract to the student. The student will then submit these documents to the Honors Program Director, where it will be approved or rejected by the honors committee or a subcommittee thereof no later than three days after the semester’s census day.
  5. On the recommendation of the Honors Program Committee or subcommittee, the Honors Program Director will sign the honors contract.Should the Honors Program Committee recommend modifications, the decision to modify the contract lies with the course instructor and the student. However, contracts without all pertinent signatures will not be granted honors status nor receive honors credit.
  6. Once the contracts have been accepted, students and instructors should maintain communication to ensure expectations are met and the honors contracts are successfully completed.
  7. At the end of the semester, the course instructor must complete and submit the End of Semester Approval form to the Honors Program Director.
  8. The student must complete and submit a Course Reflection form to the Honors Program Director. These forms are due the last day of finals for review by the Honors Program Committee.