David Humphrey

by User Not Found | Feb 16, 2017

  • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
  • Classification: Senior
  • Major: Communications

What made you choose LSUA?


I was attending school in Chicago but reached the point where I felt stagnant. I decided I wanted a change of scene and to be honest, one of my most important guidelines for a new school was location. The school had to somewhere warm and also be affordable for me. The school I attended in Chicago was quite large; I wanted to try a smaller school. I wanted the ability to meet with my teachers on a daily basis without always having to make appointments. I also wanted the ability to get to know people on campus whether they were staff members or students. I like the idea of a small campus, and this seemed to fit perfectly.

Why should students interested in a Communication Studies attend LSUA?


The best feature of our Communication program is the faculty. I’ve been able to work with Ms. Laborde, Dr. Ells, Dr. Wu, and now Dr. Massie. Each, in his and her own right, is among the best in his or her field. So, to be able to learn from these kinds of professors has made me feel as though I am very well prepared for a career involving communications and academe.

Tell us about your experience living at the Oaks?


Living at the Oaks is extremely convenient. I am able to wake up shortly before class and get there on time. Attending events on campus is easy. The Oaks are also convenient because in one bill I can pay for my tuition, my rent, and my utilities. An apartment at the Oaks has been a blessing.

What is important for prospective students to know about LSUA?


For those interested in attending LSUA, I would tell them that if they don’t come here they are missing out on a great opportunity. There are a lot of larger universities that have a lot more to offer in regards to extra-curricular activities and amenities, but what you actually need at a university can be found right here at LSUA. We have some great programs available and a beautiful campus. I think the future of this school is extremely bright. Anyone that comes here in the future is going to see improvements that we can only dream of. Things have been progressing at this university. I believe this upward momentum is just unstoppable.

What does “Your future is our future” mean to you?


We have a faculty and staff that are dedicated to the students, to their well-being, to their education, and to their future plans, whether those include attending graduate school or entering the work force. I’m proud I’m going to be a graduate of this university!