Amanda Austin

by User Not Found | Apr 04, 2016

  • Hometown: Simmesport, Louisiana
  • Classification: Full-time Senior
  • Major: Business, Concentration in Marketing
  • Noteworthy:Current Ms. LSUA

What made you choose to major in Business?


I chose to major in Business because I’ve always been very interested in marketing. I have had a lot of opportunities to work with advertising and to develop skills to interact with the community. I knew that I would really enjoy business and marketing.

Who is your Favorite Professor and/or Favorite Class?


The most interesting class that I’ve taken here at LSUA was a Business course called Operational Management. I really enjoyed it because we took several field trips to area businesses. We toured Dis-Tran, Subway, and several others. We also completed many hands on activities that weren’t just within the classroom. We got to experience what it was really like to operate a business.

What are some Clubs/Organizations that you’re involved in?


I’m a member of Theta Phi Alpha Sorority, where I serve as our recruitment chairperson. By doing that I help encourage other women to join our organization and teach them about the benefits of what we do. I’m also a member of Phi Beta Lambda, which is a business organization.

I was crowned Ms. LSUA 2011 and that has kept me active with various events around the state. I am currently helping to plan the next pageant and I’m really excited about it.

What do you like best about LSUA?


My favorite thing about LSUA is the hands-on learning. I know that other schools don’t offer as many opportunities to be involved with local businesses and organizations. I found that being at LSUA is very fun; not only because of the teachers and their great personalities, but because we’re not just sitting behind a desk. We are able to go out and get hands-on business experience.

Tell Us about being Ms. LSUA:


Being Ms. LSUA has been my favorite experience here at LSUA. I’ve seen the University from a perspective that not many students get to experience. I’ve enjoyed being able to attend all of the different functions and to be able to represent LSUA in the community. It has been really great. I’ve also had the chance to meet a lot of influential people and students that I might not have met otherwise. It is a really rewarding experience!

What does “Your future is our future” mean to you?


LSUA’s slogan “Your Future is Our Future” means to me that LSUA cares about each and every one of its students; and that they don’t succeed unless we succeed. LSUA really puts an emphasis on students learning and that’s really important to all of us.