Rebecca Farmer

by Baron Creighton | Jun 26, 2013

  • Classification: Graduate
  • Major: English
  • Noteworthy:Full-time Military

Why did you choose your major?


I actually didn’t come here to study English, I came for a different field. Then, I had an English class with Dr. Arthur Rankin and he just inspired me.

How do you handle being full time military, a job and school?


I have to admit, it’s hard balancing military and work, because by being in the military you never know when you are going to be called up for a national disaster. I often have to go to military schools, which can be for two weeks at a time. My teachers have really worked with me.

Tell us about your experience as a non-traditional student here at LSUA:


I am not only a non-traditional student, but also a student who is in the military. I’ve been called up for active duty three times since I have been here. This has prolonged my education; however, I have had the opportunity to see LSUA change in so many awesome ways.

How has LSUA grown since you have been a student here?


They have created dorms and have a Subway restaurant on campus now. They have a new building, and more organization. I think they advertise more, and every year I think they earn a greater reputation in the community.

What do you like most about LSUA?


What I like most about LSUA is definitely the professors in general, and all of the faculty, as well as the smaller class sizes.

What would you tell students who are interested in the English field at LSUA about your experiences as a student?


I would tell any student who was interested in English as a major, that LSUA has a great English department. Every English professor is knowledgeable of the overall topic, however, each one has their own style, and that helps.

What does “Your future is our future” mean to you?


I believe that LSUA’s slogan “Your future is our future” is a very sincere statement. The students’ success in earning their degrees and encouraging other students to come here means that professors are more likely to push you, to guide you, and to give you the direction you need.