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LSUA Cuts the Ribbon on New Food Pantry

by Sarah Black | Sep 12, 2018
The Generals Galley will serve as a food pantry for students in need on campus.

LSUA is excited to partner with university and community groups to establish a new food pantry on campus. Known as the Generals Galley, the food pantry is available to students in need to help combat food insecurity.

Recent studies show that only 18 percent of students report being able to cover college expenses by working a job and most are nontraditional meaning they are either financially independent, have dependents of their own, attend part-time, are employed full time, or are a single parent. Because of these challenges, many students find it difficult to support themselves while also paying tuition.

As a result, LSUA and the community are joining together to take a collective approach in addressing student hunger and making sure that no student’s success is compromised because of food insecurity.

“It’s important because the LSUA campus and community partners have come to understand that if our students are not having their basic needs met, then they can’t fully focus on their educational pursuits,” says Stephan Moore, vice chancellor for student engagement. “The Generals Galley Student Food Pantry will really serve a need and we are here to aid students who need a meal while on campus.”

“The food pantry is an innovative idea and commendable act by the Division of Student Engagement that will enhance student success on the LSUA campus,” says Dr. Guiyou Huang, LSUA chancellor.  

The Generals Galley is located in The Division of Student Engagement in the west wing of the Student Center on the second floor. It is open Monday through Friday 9am-4pm during the semester and is available to any student in need of a meal. Inside the pantry, students will find various items and a microwave to heat food. Students who visit the food pantry may also request a meeting with a staff member to discuss any difficulties they are facing during their visit.

Donations to the food pantry are accepted in The Division of Student Engagement.