Messages From the Chancellor

Salary Adjustments - Memo from the Chancellor

by Sarah Black | Sep 13, 2017
Important memo from the chancellor.

Date: September 13, 2017

To: Faculty and Staff

From: Guiyou Huang, Chancellor

Subject: Salary Raises

I am pleased to announce that LSUA has once again set a record enrollment for the 3rd consecutive fall semester.  While our census day was moved due to university closures related to Hurricane Harvey, official enrollment numbers are now available and will be fully released later this afternoon.  LSUA’s total enrollment stands at 3378, which represents a 3.0% increase over Fall 2016 and a 51.3% increase in the past 4 years!  This is something to be proud of.

This number reflects the continuation of positive growth, to which you all contributed and I commend each of you for your concerted efforts to sustain the advancement of our mission as well as your persistent dedication to LSUA. You may notice, however, that it did not meet the threshold needed to comfortably allow for salary adjustments as they were presented in the memo dated August 7, 2017.  Nonetheless, the university administration recognizes the ongoing urgency in which these increases are needed across all of campus.  In holding to our commitment to you -- the faculty and staff -- the decision was made to continue with salary raises as announced in August of this year.  While this will increase pressure on spring and online enrollments as well as departmental budgets, I feel this decision is necessary and manageable.

The criteria and methods outlined in the previous memo will be followed with one small adjustment. Due to civil-service time periods and payroll schedules, the civil service raises to be given this fall will begin on September 2, 2017.  As outlined in the August memo, the civil service raises provided by the state will begin on January 1, 2018.

As indicated earlier, these increases reflect the outcomes of the hard work performed by all faculty, staff and administration.  I once again thank each of you for your dedication and commitment to our students and to this university.  I look forward to another great academic year ahead of us.


Guiyou Huang, Chancellor