Messages From the Chancellor

Message from Dr. Huang Regarding Tropical Storm Harvey

by Sarah Black | Aug 28, 2017
LSUA is here to help student affected by Harvey.

Dear Generals,

We have a number of students who come to us from the state of Texas and know that it is hard to be away while watching news coverage of what is happening back home. We know that you are thinking of loved ones during this time and if you need assistance, LSUA is here to help.

  • Academics – If you need to be away from classes in order to assist your family with flooding issues, contact your professors as soon as possible to let them know of your situation.
  • Counseling – LSUA employs professional counselors for you to talk to in a safe and secure environment. You can make an appointment by calling Student Support at 318-767-2604.
  • Federal Assistance – If your family has experienced significant damage from Hurricane Harvey, please know that the federal government has made resources available. Visit
  • Finances – If your family experienced flooding or damages that will hinder your financial situation while at LSUA, there is help. Please call the Office of Financial Aid at 318-473-6423 to discuss your options.

LSUA is behind you during this trying time and we are here to help in any way possible.


Dr. Guiyou Huang

LSUA Chancellor