New Members Inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success at LSUA

by Sarah Black | Apr 30, 2018
The NSLS chapter at LSUA continues to thrive with fifty new members.

The LSUA chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success may have only been in existence for two years, but they are already one of the largest organizations on campus with 200 inducted members and 400 total members.  

The local chapter was formed in 2016 as a way to give campus student leaders an opportunity to be involved in an organization that is not as GPA driven, but rather driven by the desire to lead.

Students may become a member with a 2.5 GPA and 12 credit hours, but inducted members must also attend an orientation, a leadership training day, three speaker broadcasts with guests such as Anderson Cooper and Leanne Tuohy, plus three success networking team events where participants work on SMART goals and leadership skills.

Benefits of being an inducted member include custom recommendations for graduate admissions or job placement, scholarship opportunities, and leadership opportunities.

Additionally, the benefits of members extend to personal growth as well. According to incoming president, Tracy LaCaze, membership has allowed her to grow as a person. “If you would believe it, I used to not speak at all. I used to not want to do anything and now I’m traveling to Texas to speak at least once a year, meeting around campus, and working with different organizations,” says LaCaze.

Membership is through invitation, however, students may choose to self-nominate by visiting and filling out the form along with obtaining recommendations from three faculty members.  

Membership and inductions are granted at a spring semester ceremony, which saw 50 new members this year.