Science Students Explore Ouachita Mountains

by Elizabeth Jonson | Apr 25, 2018
Exposing students to diverse wildlife populations serves as primary objective



Science professors, Dr. Carol Corbat and Dr. Nate Sammons, recently traveled with students to the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas to discover natural wildlife communities that do not exist in Louisiana. The weekend field trip centered around exposing students to different species and environments.

Members of Dr. Corbat's class, Vertebrate Natural History, and Dr. Sammons' class, Plant Taxonomy, stayed at the Ouachita Mountains Biological Station near Big Fork, Arkansas. Throughout the weekend, they observed birds, searched for amphibians and reptiles, and trapped mammals. Additionally, the Plant Taxonomy class collected over thirty species of plants. Water activities had also been planned but were cancelled due to excessive rainfall.

"An added benefit for students is that many of them have never been to Arkansas, never seen mountains, never seen a place with rocks and waterfalls, etc.  We hope it engenders more appreciation for the natural world and that they will be inclined to spend time in such places in the future hiking, kayaking, etc.," Dr. Corbat said.