Alumni Spotlight - Ethan Lipsey

by Sarah Black | Mar 28, 2018
Ethan Lipsey graduated just a few short years ago, but he is an important part of LSUA's continued success.

Ethan Lipsey may have graduated from LSUA in 2014, but he still calls the university home. Recently named Director of First Year Experience and Orientation, Ethan has worked at LSUA since earning his degree while pursuing his passion of traveling the world at the same time. 

The Monterey, Louisiana native wasn’t sure where he wanted to attend college until taking a tour of LSUA that he describes as personal and welcoming. It was at that moment, that he decided to enroll. Since then, he describes his time at LSUA as life changing and credits those four years with being some of the best in his life where he met friends, traveled the world, and experienced life and learning like he never would have imagined. 

During his senior year, an internship within the Chancellor’s office changed his post graduation plans. Rather than work in clinical psychology, Ethan found a love for educational psychology and the business practices of a university. That love has since led to a Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Higher Education Administration and the hopeful pursuit of a Ph.D. in the future. Ethan doesn’t have any set dreams for the future, but rather just to enjoy what he is doing. He says he loves working with students, in particular new students, and he will see where that path takes him. 

When Ethan isn’t at work, you can usually find him at the airport waiting on a flight to some far-flung corner of the world. 

“With every long weekend or break I’m given, I’m usually in the air and planning my next adventure,” Ethan says. “I believe this world was made for exploring.  I want to get lost, meet new people, try weird food, and walk foreign shores. People and cultures that different than our own can teach us so much. We should all be more intentional about engaging in dialogue with those around us.”

Ethan credits LSUA with broadening his horizons and believes that the university can do the same for others. 

“There is so much more than what you see. The possibilities are endless. If you have something that you’re interested in or want to experience, there are faculty and staff here that want to help you achieve that,” says Ethan. “There are people here that are so invested in this university and your future. Take initiative, engage with your campus, and see where it takes you.”

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