Educator Rising Clubs introduce High School Students to LSUA and the Teaching Profession

by Sarah Black | Feb 28, 2018
Educator Rising Clubs introduce high school students to the teaching profession.

When Dr. Patsy Jenkins began working on revamping LSUA’s Department of Education, she quickly realized the department was at a disadvantage. The problem was that most high school students don’t discover they want to go into education until well into their college careers. In order to solve this issue and get students interested in education at a younger age, the Educator Rising Club was created.

The clubs are part of a national organization that LSUA discovered while looking for a way to better connect with secondary students. The local clubs began at three schools, but there are now chapters in two middle schools and every high school within Rapides Parish, two clubs in Concordia Parish, and one in Grant Parish with plans to expand into additional parishes. The goal of the club is to get students interested in the teaching profession and to do the things that teachers do such as working with younger students as well as special needs students.

All clubs members participate in activities suggested by LSUA, but are still free to do anything they would enjoy. Some clubs have written books for first and second graders as part of an English class and illustrated them before having them bound and presented while other clubs may read to or tutor elementary students. A faculty advisor leads each club and all clubs enjoy sharing ideas and activities among each other.

LSUA also provides additional assistance by provided each club with $400 from the Believe and Prepare Grant to use for activities and materials. Club members also take field trips to LSUA in order to observe education classes while also visiting the Department of Education and touring the campus.

Dr. Jenkins believes the creation of the Educator Rising Club has not only been beneficial to the university in terms of increased enrollment within the department, but has also been helpful for students. Because students are deciding on a career earlier in their academic careers, they are better prepared to properly align their required classes while having a better understanding of what the profession entails.

Look for the Educator Rising Club to continue its growth and if you are interested in starting a chapter at your middle or high school, please contact Dr. Patsy Jenkins at 318-473-6474.