LSUA Creates Two New Departments

by Sarah Black | Dec 13, 2017
LSUA will add two new departments in the Spring of 2018.

As LSU of Alexandria grows, so does the need for new academic departments.

Beginning in January 2018, both Psychology and Criminal Justice will become their own departments. Up until now, both have been under the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Beth Whittington will serve as chair for the new Department of Criminal Justice and Dr. Mary Treuting will hold the same position within the Department of Psychology.

Both new chairs say one of their main goals will include increasing the number of students within their respective departments.

“We hope to really begin to grow our online classes. We have a lot of people who are working in the field and they realize they need to finish their degree in order to advance and they are returning to finish the degree online,” says Whittington. “We will always love our on-campus students, but there is a lot of room for online growth.”

“I will be working on the recruitment and retention of Psychology students, while also strengthening our undergraduate research, and also interacting with the community,” says Treuting.

As both departments grow, the new chairs also hope to not only add more faculty, but also add new concentrations based on the needs within the community and the country.

For Dr. Treuting, helming the new department means a return to her academic roots. For Whittington, she says this is something that is thrilling. “Seeing the new department develop is very rewarding and exciting. You dream about this happening and then to see it happen is pretty cool,” says Whittington.