LSUA's Honors Program Continues to Grow

by Takeyra Wagner | Oct 10, 2017
For a program that is only three years old, the Honors Program at LSUA certainly has momentum.

For a program that is only three years old, the Honors Program at LSUA certainly has momentum. Growing from just 30 students the first semester in 2014 to 76 students in fall 2017, the LSUA Honors Program is attracting students from Louisiana and around the world. 

Students who are members of the Honors Program can turn almost any class into an Honors class by completing extra assignments and research under the guidance of the professor. However, the Honors Program isn’t just about additional work. Members also experience such benefits as special speakers and lecturers, cultural activities, research publication, and travel opportunities. 

For Baylie Newman, a senior in Criminal Justice, the Honors Program offered many advantages. “I like the fact that I do learn a lot more with the Honors Program,” says Newman.  “Overall, I find the program interesting and it will look good on a resume.”

Students who are interested in the Honors Program must be classified as a junior or below and can take one or more honors courses per semester. Every time an honors course is completed, the student will earn a $250 scholarship or up to $1500 in scholarship money for six total honors contracts. Even online courses can be turned into honors courses with no more than three honors contracts allowed per semester. 

Honors students also contribute outside of class with 10-community service hours expected each year. This past year, students with the LSUA Honors Program raised approximately $2,000, which was donated to an elementary school in Denham Spring, LA that suffered tremendous damage in the August 2016 flood. 

LSUA Honors students have also had the opportunity to travel throughout the country to the National Collegiate Honors Council Conferences. Students have visited Denver, Chicago, and Seattle to participate in conference activities in each of the previous three years. 

As LSUA continues to grow, the university is looking for the Honors Program to grow with it. With more awareness on campus, more and more students are finding themselves motivated to complete the work it takes to be an Honors graduate. 

According to the Honors Program Director Melissa Whitley, the next step for the program is to incorporate study abroad along with more work with local agencies and internships. “I believe that students get the satisfaction completing a Honors course and we will look to continue to expand the program in the years to come,” says Whitley. 

If you are interested in the LSUA Honors Program, please visit or contact Melissa Whitley at