LSUA Career Center Attracts Local Media Attention

May 15, 2023, 13:24 PM
The LSUA Career Center is gaining attention from local media. Dr. Palmer visited Good Day Cenla to discuss the initiatives being implemented by the LSUA Career Center, such as Handshake and Career Fairs.

The LSUA Career Center has been generating significant interest in Central Louisiana. Dr. Palmer gave an interview to KALB TV to discuss the center's initiatives and services. The interview shed light on the Career Center's commitment to helping students and alumni succeed in their career journeys through programs such as the online job platform Handshake and the Career Fairs.

Dr. Palmer expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "The Career Center is our way to help students to engage and cross the bridge with academics and the professional expertise they need to be career ready. We want to make sure that we have a life long commitment with our students."

During the interview, Dr. Palmer highlighted the significance of Handshake, an online job platform that connects LSUA students and alumni with job and internship opportunities in Central Louisiana and across the U.S. She emphasized its impact, saying, "We have over 6500 integrations into the platform including alumni and students."

Speaking about the Career Fair, Dr. Palmer emphasized the success of the 2023 LSUA Spring Career Fair. She explained, "It was wonderful. We ended up with over 300 students and over 40 employers. 92% of the students were very happy and 100% of the employers want to come back. We are excited about the future with that. I know that our employers in Central Louisiana are happy and ready to participate in anything with our students at LSUA."