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by Takeyra Wagner | Sep 05, 2017
LSUA recruiters to cross an international border into Toronto, Canada for a three-day long expo.


French, Spanish, and even Portuguese are languages you expect to hear at a United Nations convention or in large metropolitan cities. However, now you can even hear more languages spoken on the LSUA campus.

What used to be a campus made up primarily of students from the surrounding communities and parishes has seen its international population blossom in recent years. In order to continue to make LSUA a destination for international students, this year marked the first time that university recruiters have ventured outside the United States.

At the request of Chancellor Huang, Shelly Gill, dean of Enrollment Management and director of Admissions and Recruiting, identified three international college expos that would be a good starting point for a university unfamiliar with international recruiting. And soon after, LSUA recruiters took their newly minted passports and were off to Canada, Vietnam, and India.

Kaitlyn Nichols and Lauren Morgan had the honor of being the first LSUA recruiters to cross an international border into Toronto, Canada for a three-day long expo. There, they had one day of roundtable talks with Canadian high school counselors and coaches. The next day consisted of a traditional college fair full of hundreds of Canadian students. In what turned out to be a very successful first overseas trip, Kaitlyn and Lauren secured 285 inquiries from students in just two hours with additional emails coming in after the fact asking for more information.

The trip to Vietnam was slightly different with LSUA’s Megan Behram and Nina Cox meeting with agencies and school officials from other institutions. Each day was filled with 20-miute sessions in which Vietnam school officials could sign up to learn more about the university. Any fears that LSUA would not be able to fill the schedule were quickly squashed when each day was booked solid and there was a waiting list for those who wanted to learn more about the university.

Kaitlyn got to use her passport again in a 16-day trip to India along with Candace Hamilton. Over the two-week long trip, Candace and Kaitlyn visited college fairs in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and New Delhi. Each day brought a new city before the entire contingent would get on a plane and set up again somewhere else. Again, LSUA was introduced to students from all over the country who expressed interest in the university.

While the overall success of this year’s trips won’t be seen until future semesters, LSUA Admissions and Recruiting is already hopeful about expanding international recruiting into even more countries and continents. With each trip providing insight in how to better market the university overseas, LSUA is poised to see another significant expansion of international students.

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