LSUA to Host Darwin Day Activities

by Sarah Black | Jan 04, 2017
Rapides Parish elementary, junior and senior high students are invited to LSUA to participate in Darwin Day activities.

In February, LSUA will be hosting its very first Darwin Day event and is inviting local schools to join the fun.

On Friday, February 10, LSUA is inviting all Rapides Parish elementary, junior high and high school students to campus to hunt for and learn about fossils. After the fossil hunt, there will be a showing of the PBS film, Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, in the Coughlin Hall Auditorium at 6:00pm followed by a Q&A session hosted by LSUA professor Dr. Christof Stumpf.

During the event, elementary school children will dig in trenches filled with soil enriched with fossils. Each student is guaranteed to find a fossil and all hunters will receive a written description of the fossil found. Older students will follow cyber clues on a geocache scavenger hunt that will lead them all over the LSUA campus looking for fossils. LSUA biology faculty and students will be on hand to supervise and instruct the hunters in the search. Participants will also be able to view informational posters regarding the prehistoric era and view fossils on display.

The first fossil hunt is scheduled for 9:00am and subsequent hunts will continue throughout the day. The event is free, but class registration is required in order to ensure enough fossils are available. Each fossil hunt is expected to take 45 minutes.

For more information or to register a class by Friday, January 13, please contact Michelle Riggs at or calling 318-619-2960. 

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