LSUA Department of Nursing Representing at the 14th Annual Nurse Educator Institute

by Sarah Black | Apr 08, 2014
Two LSUA assistant professors of Nursing are presenting at the institute.

The LSUA Department of Nursing will be represented by two faculty members at the 14th Annual Nurse Educator Institute (NEI) in Branson, Missouri on April 8-11.  LSUA Assistant Professors of Nursing Alicia Book and Victoria Young have both been chosen to present on various topics.

Book was selected for three presentations including: “Flipping and Flopping in the Nursing Classroom,” “Examinations: Just a Grade or a Learning Experience?” and “Bringing Simulation into the Classroom.”

Young will present on “Alternative Medicine in Nursing” and “Incorporating QSEN Competencies in the Unfolding Case Study.”

The NEI in Branson is held annually at the Chateau on the Lake Resort and Spa; and is hosted by the North Arkansas Partnership for Health Education.  

The conference draws in academic and clinical nurse educators, staff developers and allied health professionals from across the United States to learn evidence-based guidelines to improve teaching skills and application.  

Topics covered at the presentation include professional development, improving teaching-learning strategies in the classroom and clinical setting and evidence-based practices and new research in nursing education.

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