University Academy of Central Louisiana

by Sarah Black | Mar 12, 2014
University Academy of Central Louisiana will be opening its doors on the LSUA campus this fall.

LSU of Alexandria is proud to announce a high school partnership that establishes University Academy of Central Louisiana.

University Academy will be located on the LSUA campus and will begin classes in August. 

Students will experience a college educational environment beginning in the ninth grade.  This is a bold approach based on the principle that academic rigor, combined with the opportunity to save time and money is a strong motivator for students to work hard.  The school will allow eligible students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and up to 60 college credits toward an associate’s degree through dual enrollment. 

“This educational model has been proven successful around the country.  This is such a great opportunity for the students of Central Louisiana.  The students admitted into University Academy will develop intellectually, learn interpersonal skills and establish personal connections to the world in pursuit of their postsecondary goals.  This creates a transformational high school experience,” says LSUA Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Enrollment Management Heather Poole.

Dual enrollment offers families the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in college costs and still be eligible for the states popular merit scholarship TOPS upon graduation.  Graduates of the high school will have the opportunity to continue at LSUA to complete their degree or they can transfer their credits to another university.    

“While we want academically prepared students to apply, students that come to University Academy do not have to be geniuses,” says Julie Crews, the Board’s Director of Academic Affairs. “They have to be willing to work hard.  It’s a situation where, if a student works hard and is committed, they will shine.  The focus of University Academy of Central Louisiana is to make certain our students are successful not only in high school but throughout life.”

University Academy is a tuition based school with payment plans available. 

“It was important for us in this initial offering to keep the tuition affordable and to accept the Louisiana Believes Student Scholarship,” says Poole.   

Additionally, University Academy students will have the opportunity to play sports and participate in other high school activities such as clubs.

Applications are being accepted for teachers and administrators and students.  To apply, please contact Heather Poole at  For more information, please call 318-427-0123 or email

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