Contribution Made to an LSUA Scholarship

by Sarah Black | Dec 03, 2013
Community members have come together to raise money for a contribution to an LSUA scholarship.

Members of the Alexandria Police Department, CrossFit SouthBank and LSU Alexandria will come together on Wednesday, December 4, as a contribution is made to the Jeremy E. “Jay” Carruth and David C. Ezernack Endowed Scholarship. 

The scholarship is named for two members of the Alexandria Police Department’s Special Response Team who were killed in the line of duty on February 20, 2003. 

The scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in Criminal Justice.  The initial contribution to the scholarship was made on February 24, 2003 and it was established by the LSU Alexandria Criminal Justice/Paralegal Association. 

A check presentation will be held at CrossFit SouthBank on December 4 at 10:00am.  Those in attendance will include Alexandria Police Chief Loren Lampert, members of both the Carruth and Ezernack families, and Melinda Anderson who will accept the check on behalf of the LSUA Foundation. 

Jeff Prejean, co-owner of CrossFit SouthBank, says he and Chief Lampert came up with the idea of a fitness competition for first responders and the money raised is going toward the scholarship contribution.

“CrossFit SouthBank and its members are passionate about our community supporting charities and causes of many kinds.  This just made sense and we jumped on the opportunity to partner with Chief Lampert and APD,” says Prejean. 

Both Prejean and Lampert hope the competition event will get larger each year. 

“We at APD are extremely proud to participate in such a worthy endeavor.  The Guns & Hoses Hero Challenge and the money raised for the scholarship serve as a testimony to the commitment to excellence which is the legacy of Officers Ezernack and Carruth- truly heroes in their own right.  We look forward to a bigger event next year,” says Lampert. 

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