Dr. Jerry Sanson Goes Hollywood

by Sarah Black | Sep 27, 2013
Dr. Jerry Sanson along with Dr. William Robison from Southeastern Louisiana University have collaborated on a film about Louisiana and World War II.

Dr. Jerry Sanson, Chair of LSU Alexandria’s Behavioral and Social Sciences Department, can now add movie writing to his resume.

Sanson recently penned the script for a new film entitled, Louisiana During World War II.   The film is based on his seminal book, Louisiana During World War II: Politics and Society 1939-1945 (LSU Press, 1999). 

Sanson partnered with Dr. William B. Robison of Southeastern Louisiana University who directed and narrated the film.

The film looks at Louisiana’s many contributions to the Allied victory in World War II and how the war affected the state.  It examines the military maneuvers which took place at installations such as Camps Beauregard, Claiborne, Livingston and more.  In addition, the film examines the contributions of Higgins Industries, Standard Oil and other Louisiana manufacturers toward the war effort along with the war’s impact on state politics, economy, culture, race and gender. 

Included in the film are commentaries from over a dozen experts, including faculty at Southeastern and LSUA.  Some of the LSUA faculty members interviewed for the film include: Drs. Haywood Joiner and Jim Rogers. 

The book and film are based on Sanson’s dissertation which grew out of his interest in World War II after losing two uncles in the war. 

Sanson says he hopes people will learn from the film, be informed and hopefully be entertained at the same time. 

According to Robison, while there have been numerous books and films related to World War II, little has focused on Louisiana’s role in the conflict. A main motive behind the completion of this project is to honor the people of Louisiana who contributed to winning the war, both militarily and non-militarily. 

Louisiana During World War II will be distributed to schools in the Florida parishes and libraries across the state.  Both Sanson and Robison hope the film will be used by social studies teachers as a way to educate their students about the state’s role in the war effort. 

The film runs 70 minutes and has been in the works for the last year.  It is debuting Monday, September 30, at 7:00pm the Columbia Theater in Hammond with a showing in central Louisiana to be announced at a later date. 

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