LSUA Online Degree Plan Request

Students in the 100% online accelerated programs are eligible to request a degree plan through graduation.  Our accelerated programs run in 7 week cycles with a 1 week break between.  Accelerated terms always end in the number 2 or 3.  Terms ending in 2 are at the beginning of the ‘regular’ term and terms ending in 3 are at the end of the ‘regular’ term.  Courses are offered on a specific rotation but not necessarily the same term every year.   

Note:  Start and end dates do not always match the ‘regular term’.  The calendar can be found on the Registrar's Website.

In order to provide a plan for you, please complete the request form below:

*NOTE:Completed degree plans will ONLY be sent to a LSUA email account. 

We will provide a degree plan for up to the next four terms.

For example, jsmith002

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