Faculty & Staff

  • John Allen, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Chemistry
    Office: Science 231
    Phone: 427-4435
    Email: jallen@lsua.edu
    Dept: Mathematics & Physical Sciences
  • Melinda Fitzgerald Anderson,
    Executive Director of Institutional Advancement and LSUA Foundation
    Office: IA
    Phone: 619-2916
    Email: manderson@lsua.edu
    Dept: Institutional Advancement
  • Raymond Anderson,
    Account Payable
    Office: Abrams 113
    Phone: 427-4406
    Email: randerson@lsua.edu
    Dept: Accounting & Bursar Operations
  • Elizabeth Battalora, DHSc, RN
    Professor of Nursing
    Office: Coughlin 108
    Phone: 427-4488
    Email: ebattalora@lsua.edu
    Dept: Nursing
  • Elizabeth Beard, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of English
    Office: Mulder 358
    Phone: 427-4460
    Email: ebeard@lsua.edu
    Dept: Arts, English, & Humanities
  • Megan Behrman,
    Admissions and Record Analyst
    Office: Abrams 106B
    Email: mbehrman@lsua.edu
    Dept: Records Office
  • Titus Belgard, MLIS
    Serials, Technical Services
    Office: Library
    Phone: 473-6440
    Email: tbelgard@lsua.edu
    Dept: Library
  • Alice Blackwell, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of English
    Office: Mulder 371
    Phone: 427-4422
    Email: ablackwell@lsua.edu
    Dept: Arts, English, & Humanities
  • Alicia Book, RN, MSN
    Simulation Lab Coordinator
    Office: Coughlin 115
    Phone: 473-6451
    Email: abook@lsua.edu
    Dept: Nursing
  • Angela Bordelon, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor
    Office: Coughlin 102
    Phone: 427-4405
    Email: angelab@lsua.edu
    Dept: Nursing
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