Student Development

The Center for Student Success assists in the development of the "whole" student. Programs like Total U, student study skill workshops, and the First Drop Program are all used to encourage growth in all facets.  For more information on any of these programs, please contact Ms. Kathy Wimmert, the Student Development Specialist, at or phone at (318)473-6546. 


Total U

The main objective of Total U is to stimulate personal, social, cultural, and cognitive development for our students. National, regional and community speakers present a wide variety of topics such as alcohol and drug abuse, financial literacy, leadership, motivation, sexual health, and stress management. 

Academic Action

We understand students make mistakes that may hurt their academic progress. If a student is on academic probation, we are here to provide additional support and guidance to help their GPA get to where it needs to be. A student who for the first time has been suspended from the University for academic reasons will not be permitted to enroll until the expiration of one full semester, unless the student is readmitted through the First Drop Program. 

Students enrolled in the First Drop Program will participate in training designed to increase their ability to successfully complete their studies. Such students may register for at least three but no more than six hours of course work for credit. 

If such students earn at least a “C” average (2.0) for their semester’s coursework, they will be allowed to continue in school. If they earn less than a “C” average, they will be suspended from LSUA for one calendar year.  

Students who wish to re-enter the University through this program, need to apply by completing the First Drop Petition for Readmission Form located at