1. Setup Your myLSUA Account

  1. Go to http://my.lsua.edu
  2. Click First Time Account Setup and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once you set your password, return to the login page and log in.

The myLSUA Portal gives you access to all of the following: (some systems require additional login, you have the same username and password for all systems)

2. Meet with Your Advisor

For newly admitted freshmen, your advisor will be contacting you soon to set up an appointment. You may also view their contact information and schedule an appointment through myLSUA

3. Register for Classes

Once you’ve been advised and approved for registration by your Advisor, you may register for classes.

4. Apply for Housing or Complete a Request for Housing Exemption

5. Sign-up for Orientation

6. Payment

7. Vehicle Decal & LSUA ID

8. Purchase Textbooks

You will be given an option to purchase textbooks immediately after you register or at a later time using one of the options below. 

Through myLSUA:

  1. Log in to http://my.lsua.edu
  2. Click the Student Menu at the top right
  3. Click Purchase Textbooks
  4. Choose the Term (i.e. Fall, Spring, Summer, ELearn1 or ELearn2)
  5. Click Submit

Directly through the bookstore link:

  1. Go to http://lsua.bncollege.com/.
  2. Click the link to Textbooks at the top left.
  3. Use the drop down menus to select term, Students declared in 100% online accelerated programs should choose Fall 02 to purchase those books then choose Fall 03 to see those requirements.  Students in on campus programs but taking a 7 week class should choose Fall, Spring, or Summer
  4. Click Find Materials for Course(s). The information will display:
  • Exactly what is required and what is optional (some courses require access codes)
  • Multiple options to rent, purchase, get paper or digital – whatever options the publisher has.
  • Students can use financial aid to purchase textbooks if it is processed (viewable in NetPartner from the MyLSUA page)

Students are responsible for having the correct text and edition of the textbook by the first day of class. If you choose to utilize outside vendors to purchase textbooks, ensure that you purchase the correct textbook by matching the ISBN number. 

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Classes Begin: Full Term, ELearn 1/1st Session