Traditional Activities

Welcome Week

Each semester LSUA kicks off the first week of school with “Welcome Week.” The activities begin the first day of class. Students often do not know where their classes are being held, where buildings are, etc. In order to facilitate students in finding their classes and begin to develop the understanding that LSUA cares about our students, there will be tents located at the front of the campus that are staffed all day and evening for the first week to assist students in finding their classes, answer questions, and maybe even give you a cold drink.

In addition to the “Welcome Tents,” student organizations have planned several activities that will be held throughout the first week of school. Most of these activities will be held on the “Quad.” The quad is located behind the water fountains in front of the Student Center. If you see activities going on in this area, wander on over, they are there for all students.

Fall and Football

Each year Student Activities purchases 40 football tickets to each of LSU Baton Rouge home football games. If you are an LSU fan, you will want to join others at Auxiliary Services to buy your student ticket. Tickets are sold only to LSUA students.

September Tradition

Student Activities sponsors an “Organization Fair” in early September. This is your chance to shop the various student organizations to find the best one to join. Perhaps you might even what to join more than one. Be sure and check out the quad for this one.

October Traditions

A couple of the traditional October traditions are our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest, and Costume Judging Contest. Perhaps the largest and most exciting traditional October event is the “Trick-or-Treat Street.” On the night of the traditional trick-or-treat activities, the campus square is closed to traffic, organizations set-up booths along the streets, and children and their parents come by the droves to participate in a safe and fun Trick-or Treat Street. If you are a student with small children, this activity is especially designed for you and the kids. Come on out.

November Tradition

Each year the campus celebrates a time of thanksgiving by holding a Harvest Feast for the entire campus. We get together on the Wednesday a week before Thanksgiving to eat turkey and enjoy the LSUA family. There is a nominal charge for this occasion. Tickets are always on sale in Auxiliary Services. This year, students, faculty and staff will be asked to bring canned goods all week for the Food Bank. This is our opportunity to help others in the community.

December Traditions

Since the fall semester ends early in December, our traditions are limited. However, most of the academic departments decorate their offices in the spirit of Christmas. Some years we are able to decorate a lovely tree in the Student Center. Students are invited to participate in the decorating and drink hot chocolate, sing carols, and have a good time decorating the tree. We are uncertain his will happen this year because of the impending renovation of the Student Center. Keep your eyes open for posters and emails about the status of this event.

Since finals week occurs in early December, SG often plans goodies, free coffee, etc. for students during the week.

January Tradition

We start off January with another “Welcome Week.” Again the Welcome Tents will be on campus up front to assist students in finding their classes and getting general information; and this time, maybe hot chocolate.

February Tradition

February comes alive with deciding on a float theme, float building, and decorating, the purchases of mass quantities of beads and candy, costume designing, and general secrecy about what the floats will look like. Even the Chancellor has a special float and that float is probably the most secretive of all. Last year over twenty-five floats were entered. Hundreds came for one of the safest and best run Mardi Gras Parades in Cenla. The parade is always held during the lunch period when classes are not in session. Plan to come and “pass a good time.”

March Tradition

March is the time when LSUA provides students with the opportunity to network with the business community. In mid March is the annual “Job Fair.” Each year the Job Fair just gets bigger and bigger. If you are a freshman, you may be asking, “why do I need to go to a Job Fair?” It is never too early to begin networking with the businesses of Central Louisiana. Learn who has what jobs, find part-time work as well as full-time. Business representatives give away trinkets representing their business. If you haven’t already checked it out, check it out this year. You’ll be glad you did.

April Traditions

Each April, LSUA holds the Ms. LSUA Pageant. This pageant is designed to find the best person to represent LSUA at various functions and activities throughout the year. Students should plan to attend and see for yourself what a wonderful job LSUA does at putting together a classy pageant. The winner receives a one thousand dollar scholarship and the first runner-up receives a five hundred dollar scholarship.

Also in April is the Annual Student Government Crawfish Boil. The campus gets together to eat crawfish, corn, and potatoes, and in the process, smell like crawfish the rest of the day. There is usually music, lots of students, faculty, staff, and guests to eat their fill of the “Mud Bugs.” Be sure and get your ticket early. This one you don’t want to miss.

May Tradition

May is the time when the spring semester ends. Finals week is another time to support our students with goodies and soft drinks.

The big one for May is Graduation. Commencement is currently being held in the downtown Convention Center. Each year, LSUA graduates more students providing well qualified employees to fill the many positions awaiting them in the world-of-work. Even if you are not graduating, we invite you to attend. It might be just the spark you need to continue to progress toward your graduation.

Summer tradition

Students, faculty, and staff gather on a beautiful summer evening to enjoy LSUA Night at the Aces. The Chancellor throws out the first pitch, and one of our students sings the National Anthem. A good time always awaits those who come.

Perhaps before long, our Night at the Aces will be replaced by our Night at the LSUA Sports Complex with our own baseball and softball teams. We could have hotdogs and suds from the Red River Pub and Grub, sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” and “pass another good time.”