Retention of Records

Record Type Retention guideline
Academic advisement records 2 year after graduation
Academic warning (related to academic non-performance or deficiency) 5 years after graduation
Academic dismissal 5 years after graduation
Academic integrity violation Permanent
Academic records (miscellaneous narrative evaluations, assessments, etc.) Permanent
Correspondence (related to academic records, inquiries) 1 year
Disciplinary Action Records 5 years after graduation
Grievance/complaint issued by student (other than FERPA or grade appeals) 3 years after closure
Major/minor/certificate/concentration changes 5 years after graduation
Appeals for exception to academic policy 4 years
Thesis/Dissertation Permanent
Athlete eligibility reports 1 year after certification
Athlete records (includes eligibility information, academic information,
documentation of participation, tutor evaluations, etc.)
10 years
Enrollment verifications 1 year after verification
Residency verification records 6 years after submission
Teacher certifications 1 year after certification
Transcript requests (by student) 1 year after submitted
VA certification records 3 years after graduation
Degree audits 5 years after graduation
Returned diplomas 5 years
Graduation lists Permanent
Substitution/waivers for degree requirements 5 years after graduation
Final exams/graded coursework 1 year after course completion
Grade appeal/complaint 1 year
Faculty grade book 5 years after course completion
Grade change forms 5 years after graduation
Final grade reports 1 year after date distributed
Midterm grade reports End of term
Final Grade submission data Permanent
Name change request 5 years after graduation
Personal data update (race, ethnicity or other demographic) 1 year after graduation
Transfer credit evaluations 5 years after graduation
Tuition and fee charges 5 years after graduation
Student class schedule 1 year after graduation
Class lists Permanent
Credit/no credit, audit, pass/no pass approval 1 year after date submitted
Drop/add/requests 1 year after date submitted
Withdraw requests 5 years after graduation
Catalogs Permanent
Commencement programs Permanent
Instruction evaluations (by students) 1 semester