Graduate Information


The faculty and staff at Louisiana State University of Alexandria congratulate you on your academic achievement and wish to ensure that the commencement ceremony will be a fitting conclusion to this phase of your education!
The commencement ceremony is a festive occasion which manifests itself in many ways including the dress of the students; the faculty adorned in academic regalia; and the joy and satisfaction of accomplishment.
We want to celebrate you, Graduate, in recognizing and honoring all your hard work as well as those who have supported you: faculty, staff, administrators, parents, spouses and children.


Graduating students will be sent an email to let us know your intentions concerning graduation ceremony participation.  You will be asked to let us know if you plan to attend the ceremony.  if you will not be attending the ceremony you are asked to let us know if you will be picking up your diploma at LSUA in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs or if you would prefer it to be mailed to the address on your application for graduation. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Sally Cowan at 318-473-6446 or via email at

ceremony instructions

Graduates should arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. dressed in cap and gown.

There is a considerable amount of walking and standing for degree candidates on commencement day; this should be taken in to consideration when choosing shoes for the ceremony. There will be no space available for storage of personal items during the ceremony. Any valuables or personal items should be left with family members or guests prior to arriving at Riverfront Center. The University is not responsible for any unattended personal items left in Riverfront Center.

Graduates only should meet in a designated area on the second floor to line-up for the processional.  LSUA personnel will be available to provide specific directions to the designated area.

LSUA employees will ensure that students are lined up in the correct order in single file for the processional. 

Commencement is a ceremonious occasion honoring important educational accomplishments. Decorum and courtesy are important to you and your family, as well as, your fellow graduate and their families.

  • Once seated, all participants are expected to stay until the conclusion of the ceremony which is marked by the candidate recessional.
  • Adherence to the University’s alcohol policy is expected.
  • Cell phones and other electronic equipment are not allowed.
  • Candidates should notify a staff member if there is a need to leave the arena floor during   the ceremony.
  • The arena floor will be cleared at the conclusion of the ceremony. All graduates    should plan to meet their guests in the lobby of the Riverfront or outside the building.  


Seating Diagram 

Diploma Pick Up

Graduates will pick up their diplomas at a designated area. A staff member will direct graduates to the appropriate location.  The tables will be set up in alphabetical order according to last name.  Graduates will not receive their diploma on stage