Graduate Checklist and Fees

Graduate Checklist

A checklist to assist you as you prepare to graduate! 

  • Order your Cap & Gown at LSUA Bookstore 
  • Submit your Commencement questionnaire response via email or phone
  • Register and complete your GEE (Graduate Exit Exam) offered either as a computer based or oral interview, see Graduate Survey and Exit Exams for more information.
  • Register and complete your MFT (Major Field Test) (Only to those that apply) - see Graduate Survey and Exit Exams for more information
  • **Computer Competency Requirement**
    • An approved computer course or a passing score on the Computer Competency test is required as part of the General Education Curriculum. The Computer Competency test is given in the Test Center located on the LSUA campus.
    • Those who need to take the test can register through REGISTERBLAST. Below are the steps to complete for the registration:
      • Choose a group: LSUA Computer Competency Exam
      • Choose an Exam: Computer Competency Exam
      • Choose a Date
      • Choose a Time
      • Enter your personal information to include email address
      • Accept Exam Guideline Acknowledgement
      • Enter a valid phone number
      • Add the Cart to checkout and provide payment
  • Check with Accounting to clear any unpaid balances. Diplomas and transcripts are held for those accounts not cleared prior to graduation.
  • Check with library to make sure you have no outstanding balance or books
  • Complete your online Competency of a Graduate Survey - see Graduate Survey and Exit Exams for more information.
  • Complete and return LSUA Alumni Form

**NOTE: It is encouraged to complete this test as soon as possible. Do not wait until you are close to graduation as this could delay your degree awarding.

Graduate Fees

  • $55.00 – Covers the cost of a single diploma, cover, processing and test fees
  • $20.00 – Cost of to order a duplicate diploma (financial obligations must be cleared before order can be honored)
  • $20.00 – This fee covers the cost for those getting a dual degree, ex: 

    Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science

Financial Obligations

All financial obligations must be cleared before diplomas can be released.  This will also affect the ordering of transcripts or duplicate diplomas.  Graduating Students need to check with Accounting to clear all balances.


Graduating students can inquire with the LSUA bookstore on the purchase of announcements, cap and gown, class rings, etc. A cap and gown is required in order to participate in the commencement ceremony. The LSUA Bookstore holds a Grad Fair before each commencement ceremony to allow you to order all your particular items. Below are the dates for the upcoming Grad Fairs:

December 2017

  • Date:        October 17, 2017       
  • Time:        9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Location:  LSUA Book Store