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Degree Details

(540101) Bachelor of Arts in History

Program Type:

The Bachelor of Arts in History offers students the opportunity to pursue a major in history, with an emphasis in either U.S. or non-U.S. history.  Graduates will be prepared for a variety of graduate programs, including law school, as well as immediate careers in secondary education, public history, publishing, and many different government and human services.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student learning outcomes for the Bachelor of Arts in History are presented below: 

  1. Graduates will demonstrate a knowledge of history.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate a working knowledge of the tools of information technology (the “tools” include but are not limited to internet, digital and print materials including scholarly journals, primary resources, etc).
  3. Graduates will demonstrate competence in research methodologies, including the ability to organize and present the results of historical research (this may include written as well as oral components).
  4. Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking skills appropriate to the study of history.

Admission Requirements

Students must meet all requirements for admission to the university on our Applying for Admissions site. The Bachelor of Arts in History has no separate or special admission requirements.

Degree Requirements

  1. Students must complete all of the requirements pertaining to baccalaureate degrees as specified on pages 84-86 of this catalog.
  2. Students must complete at least 45 semester hours at the 3000 level or above and at least 15 semester hours at the 4000 level.
  3. Students are required to make a grade of “C” or higher in HIST 1001, HIST 1003, HIST 2055, HIST 2057 and in all 24 hours of advanced history electives.
  4. History courses for which students earn a grade of “D” may be counted as free electives.

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