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(270101) Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

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The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is designed to meet the needs of students with a variety of career goals. Potential employers of graduates of this degree include state and federal government, banks, insurance and marketing companies, consulting firms, and computer and communication companies. 

At the heart of the program is a 43-hour curriculum in mathematics, one that allows students to acquire a broad understanding of fundamental mathematics concepts and critical thinking skills and to demonstrate their ability to communicate and research mathematical information. In pursuit of the Bachelor of Science degree, students may take courses in algebra, analysis, topology, number theory, geometry, probability, statistics, applied mathematics, and the history of mathematics. In addition to the major requirements, the degree includes 44 hours of electives. This ensures the degree’s flexibility and its capacity to serve students with a variety of career goals, including those of high school mathematics teacher, research scientist, forensic analyst, financial advisor, claims adjuster, stockbroker, trader, pollster, appraiser, and many more.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student learning outcomes for the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics are presented below:

  1. The graduate will have mastered the basic mathematics content of calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations.
  2. The graduate will be able to construct basic mathematical proofs and use technology effectively in mathematics.
  3. The graduate will be prepared to secure appropriate employment or to continue on to graduate school. 


Admission Requirements

Students must meet all requirements for admission to the university on our Applying for Admissions site.The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics has no separate or special admission requirements. 

Degree Requirements

  1. Students must complete all of the requirements pertaining to baccalaureate degrees as specified on our Academic Requirements site.
  2. Students must complete at least 30 hours at the 3000 level or above.
  3. Students are required to make a grade of “C” or higher in all courses in the Major Requirements section of the mathematics curriculum.

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