PRAXIS Workshops are Provided!

Upcoming PRAXIS Workshops!

There are  no more upcoming PRAXIS workshops this semester.

Test dates are online at

Study Tips

  • Be prepared: Familiarize yourself with both test content and test format.
  • Begin reviewing early: Cramming is not the solution. Discipline yourself to practice a few test examples every night for 2 - 3 weeks prior to test time.
  • Learn from your mistakes: If you do not understand how/why you missed a practice problem or question, seek out an explanation...
    • Review errors with: 
      Dr. Arlene Duos
      Department of Education 
      MPAC 384
      (318) 473-6511
    • Discuss errors with an instructor in the content area.
  • Write a practice essay. Pick up a sample prompt list from Dr. Arlene Duos or download from Take your essay to the LSUA Writing Center to be critiqued:
    • Center for Student Success 
      Room 204 
      (located above the LSUA Bookstore)
  • Sources for Practice Materials
    • Check out practice tests: 
      Dr. Arlene Duos
      Department of Education 
      MPAC 384
    • (318) 473-6511
    • Test Preparation Course
    • Refer to the PRAXIS bulletin board in Avoyelles Hall for upcoming test preparation courses.