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(131210) Add-on Certification in: Early Childhood Education

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The Department of Education currently offers courses that lead to add-on certification in Early Childhood Education (PK-3), Special Education, and English as a Second Language. An add-on certificate allows someone with a valid teaching certificate to add additional areas of certification. Courses may be taken during the completion of a baccalaureate degree or an alternative certification program.

The courses for the Add-on Certification in: Early Childhood Education are listed below: 

Early Childhood Certification (15 Hours)
Course Credit Hours
ECED 2001 3
ECED 2002 3
ECED 2999 3
ECED 3000 3
ECED 3601 3

Note: ECED 2076 may be taken for the BOR Certificate only if the course was not taken to obtain initial certification. If it is a new course for the applicant, it may substitute for ECED 3000 or ECED 3601.

In most cases, EDEC 2999 is taken in the same semester as EDCI 4900 is taken, with permission of the department chair or program director of the Associate of the Associate of Science in the Care and Development of Young Children.

Applicants for Early Childhood Certification must have an overall GPA of at least 2.5 on all coursework required for completion of the program with no grade lower than a “C.” They must also document receipt of initial certification to teach or document LSUA’s Department of Education approval of initial Application for Teaching Certification.

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